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Ascent to Cerro Batero follows the path of the leader all-inclusive plan
Coffee AxisRiosucio Caldas

[Riosucio Caldas] The Batero hill is located at the highest point of the Risaralda department (2,200 masl) in the municipality of Quinchia, known as the valley of the hills. This imposing hill has several legends that make the trip more enigmatic, such as the legend of the Goddess Michua who lived in drums and demanded human sacrifices.

7 hours
Air Tour Coffee Region 4 days 3 nights
Coffee Axis

The Coffee Axis It is one of the most beautiful regions of Colombia, a destination full of culture, friendly people and colorful towns surrounded by the beautiful Coffee Cultural Landscape. In this Tour you will be able to visit Salento Quindio, Quimbaya and Montenegro, Hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal, Coffee Park where you will learn everything about the coffee process, in addition to enjoying unique mechanical attractions in our country.

4 days / 3 nights
Terrestrial Tours Coffee Region 4 days 3 nights
Coffee Axis

The Coffee Axis It is the destination that you cannot miss on the tourist routes in Colombia, a destination known as a cultural heritage of humanity thanks to its beautiful landscapes with its coffee plantations. Where can you visit the Cocora Valley, Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs, Coffee Park.

4 days / 3 nights