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In the heart of the Amazon, near the PNN Serranía de Chiribiquete, is the epicenter of
the indigenous cultures: Araracuara, cradle of the macaws and of the ancestral grandparents /
elementals: earth, air, water and fire. Entering the deep jungle of this territory is knowing
that we carry native blood in our veins and therefore it is necessary to return to our roots with
wisdom, sharing the sweet word that the mambe and the ambíl grant us.
If you feel the call of the jungle, you will notice that there is a small part of you that needs to connect
with that energy that the macaws emanate when singing freely through the skies.
You will understand the meaning of life by stripping yourself of material things. To travel to Araracuara,
just our presence is enough, our mobile, the repellent and some super changes of clothes
comfortable, our toiletries will not be necessary, since we will learn to use the
of the jungle, hence we return to our ancestors with their power plants, their gastronomy,
sacred places, oral tradition and word circles inside the Malocas.
The Andokes and Uitoto communities await you in this green corner of Colombia to remember
together the walk of the ancestors, hand in hand with grandfather Tabaco and mother Coca.

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