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Carnival Tour, Pajariando and Galembiando
Riosucio Caldas

[Riosucio Caldas] With the traditional architecture of CAFÉ ACHICHAVARI, they await us with a cup full of carnival history by CONRADO, our star historian, accompanied by relics alluding to the DEVIL's carnival. We continue the tour of the two squares in charge of CONRADO where you will discover the history of dispute and union of our beloved town.

2 days / 1 night
Tour Historia Religiosa de Riosucio Caldas
Riosucio Caldas

Foto principal by @Diegoospina77 Con la tradicional arquitectura del CAFÉ ACHICHAVARI iniciamos con una deliciosa MACANA llena de historia religiosa de Riosucio caldas a cargo de nuestro escritor ÓSCAR HENAO.

4 Horas
Tour Llanos Orientales and Tiuma Park 5 days 4 nights.

In this Tour through the Eastern Plains you will have the opportunity to visit Tiuma Park, Biopark the ocarros, River Meta in false, visit monument of obelisk, visit to Matapalo viewpoint, visit to dairy Catira, City Villavicencio Tour, river the Gejarknow the path of llanero spell,  route of llanero piedmont and much more.

5 days / 4 nights
Rural Tourism Riosucio Caldas Ancestral Door Route Tour
Riosucio Caldas

[Riosucio Caldas] Get to know the Riosucio Caldas ancestral gate route where you can learn to live the history and culture that embeds our community... Immerse yourself in the flavors, colors and textures that will take you to another dimension where you want to stay.

2 days / 1 night